Loonville (aka Ducktropolis in the E-Games version) is the main setting of Crazy Drake.


King Drake and Queen Drake had left Prince Drake to guard their kingdom. However, he was playing a new video game. Dr. Foulbrain had come to steal the Golden Egg. So, Prince Drake became a superhero: Crazy Drake to recover the lost egg.


  • Fun Forest: A forest-themed level which is filled with Butterflies and Flowers with a Duck Hunter.
  • Factory Frolics: A factory-themed level which is filled with Robots and Helicopters with an Office Worker.
  • Haunted House: An abandoned and horror-themed level which is filled with Bats, Zombies, Eyeballs, and a Firefly.
  • Eerie Egypt: An ancient Egypt-themed level which is filled with Pharaohs, Undead Mummies, and Warblers with a Heart Container.
  • Sci-Fi Space: An Outer Space-themed level which is filled with Greys, UFOs, and a Pink Blob.
  • Slippery Snowland: A North Pole-themed level which is filled with Jack-in-the-Boxes, Dwarves, Ravens, and an Abominable Snowman.
  • Dr. Foulbrain's Lair: This is the final area with lots of enemies. Prince Drake must defeat Dr. Foulbrain to finish the game.
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